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We are professional supplier and exporter of wire mesh fences, gates, posts and other fittings for system fencing.

We take pride in having a dedicated, experienced, efficient and reliable team in both production and export.

We provide on time delivery of field fencing solutions for agricultural, industrial and commercial applications.

We provide a wide option of wire mesh fencing products meeting British, US and Europe Quality Standards.

Our Worldwide Customers:
We have been supplying high quality metal fencing products for fencing contractors, wholesalers and distributors in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Iceland, America, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa and many other countries, since 2001.

Customized and Standard Solutions:

We supply both portable fence and permanent fence, in modular size and special sizes, for farms, fields, ranch, enclosure, confinement, site restrict access, and security.

Main Products and Services:

High Tensile Field Fence
3" Fixed Knot Horse Fence
Fixed Knot Field Fencing
Galvanized-coating rust-resisting rectangle mesh
Cattle fencing for pasture grazing and livestock securing
Tight Lock Deer Netting
High anti-climbing game fence
Square Knot Horse Fence
Hinged joint field fence for cattle
Livestock fencing panels and Horse corral panels
12-1/2 gauge high tensile wire, with Class 3 galvanized coating.
Livestock Corral Fence Panels


American Standard Quality Field Fence

Zinc coating standard: Zinc-coated steel woven wire fence fabric shall conform to the requirements of ASTM A 116 except that the minimum weight of zinc coating shall be 0.80 ounces per square foot.
Aluminium coating standard: Aluminum-coated steel woven wire fence fabric shall conform to the requirements of ASTM A 584.
Strength standard: The intermediate line wires shall have a minimum breaking strength of 685 lbf. The top and bottom wires shall have a minimum breaking strength of 1030 lbf.


Fencing materials complying with British Standards

  • Tensile strength in accordance with B.S. 1052
  • Elongation not less than 12% on a sample 30 cm long, before fabrication of netting
  • Galvanization to be made in accordance with B.S. 443
  • Zinc coatings smooth and continuous, adhere tenaciously to the base metal and free from blisters bare sposts, projections or other defects not consistent with good galvanizing practice.

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