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Sheep & Goat Fence

Sheep Fence or Goat Fence is a kind of field fence woven in three major styles: ring-lock, hinge joint or fixed knots. All these fences have graduate mesh openings with smaller spacing in the bottom conveniently designed for farming of sheep, goat and lamb together. Sheep & Goat Fence is simple in structure, easy for maintenance, it has short installation period and less weight, easy for transport. And it is suitable for borders in fields and grassland for keeping of sheep, goat, deer, horse, pig and other animals.

Sheep / goat fence is essential for safeguarding animals as it is made from high tensile heavily galvanized wire, offering unrivalled strength, a secure boundary and comprehensive protection from predators.

Products Details

Ring-lock Fencing is a type of non-climb field fence, which also called sheep fencing, goat fencing, or pig fencing, and it is safe for keeping them in.

Ring Lock Field Fencing for Sheep Keeping

Ring lock is composed of rectangles, and where the horizontal wire meets the verticals a small 'ring' of wire is added to stabilize the weave. Under extreme pressure, these rings slide along, and can tighten.

Ring Lock Fencing Is A Dangerous Fence?
Any fence can cause injuries, particularly if they are not used, erected or maintained properly.

Alternative fencing for ring lock fence - Hinged Joint Fencing.

Hinge Joint Fencing for Sheep & Goats

Hinged joint fencing can stand 30 years for keeping sheep and goats, horses and dogs. If a sheep tries to get through the fence, and you need to do is pulling it back with no more injury than plain wire fence.

Fixed Knot Fencing for sheep and goat has firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening, good flexibility and long service life. It also is a good choice to protect your animals.

Fixed Knots Fencing for Sheep & Goats

Material: High-strength galvanized iron wire; High-strength zinc plated steel.

Common Specification for Sheep Fencing, Ring lock, hinge joint or fixed knots
(cm) 15-14-13-11-10-8-6(longitude); (cm) 15-18-20-40-50-60-65(woof)

Height: 0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.1m, 1.2m, 1.5m

Length: 115feet (50m), 330feet (100m)

Top and bottom wire diameter: 2.5mm

Inner wire diameter: 2.0mm

The mesh, height, length, wire diameter can be tailer made according to your request.

Note: sheep and goat fencing has smaller Holes at the bottom and bigger holes higher up, so this fence can stop lambs getting through and big sheep from getting their heads trapped.

Fence accessories needed for installation such as Staples, Post anchors, And Galvanized Posts can also supplied upon request.

8 Line Wires / Strands Fence for Sheep, Goat and Lamb Fencing

Diameter Top and Bottom wires 2,5 mm
Diameter Line Wires 2,5 mm
Diameter Stay wires 2,5 mm
Knot wire 2,5 mm
Nominal height 800 mm
Line Wire spacing 152 / 127x4/ 76x2 mm
Stay wire spacing 220 mm