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Perimeter Fencing

What is perimeter fence?

Perimeter fence is a metal wire mesh structure that circles the perimeter of a certain area to prevent access. The area can be a farm, a ranch or a grassland, an airport, a villa, etc. Perimeter fence is a kind of border fencing and protective fence.

Perimeter Fence
Barbed wire on perimeter fence top to prevent climbing

Land Perimeter Fencing: The fences used as land perimeter fencing, are frequently made out of single vertical metal bars connected at the top and bottom with a horizontal bar. They often have spikes or Barbed wire on the top to prevent climbing. Residential perimeter fences are normally made of metal wire mesh, steel pickets or ornamental fences. Sometimes, the land perimeter fencing also serves as cattle fence or horse fencing. This type of perimeter fence is made of high tensile woven wire fences with hot dipped galvanized fencing wires.

Airport Perimeter Fence is mainly used in the airport as a protective fence. It is mainly composed of three parts: the perimeter fencing panels as the main body, the supporting Y fence post and the razor wire securing tops.

The The fence panel is welded with 4.0/5.0 mm low carbon steel wire , the surface will be electrostatic polyester powder coated or PVC coated after electro-galvanized. 60 mm Y shaped square pipe will be put at 2.5m intervals for the connection of the mesh.Concertina wire will be put at the top of the fence to make the fence more securer.


Panel Mesh Wire Thickness Surface Treatment Panel Width Folds NOS. Panel Height Fence Height
Big Panel 50x100mm
Galvanized and
Electrostatic polyester coated or PVC coated
4 2000mm 2700mm
5 2300mm 3200mm
6 2600mm 3700mm
2 530mm 2700mm
V panel 630mm 3200mm
730mm 3700mm

Y Post

Profile Wall Thickness Surface Treatment Length Base Plate Rainhat
60x60mm 2.0mm
Galvanized and
Electrostatic polyester powder coated
2700mm I+
530mm V
On request
Plastic or Metal
3100mm I
630mm V
3600mm I
730mm V

Top concertina razor wire

Type Core wire /Blade thickness Surface Treatment Length Outside diameter Clips
BTO-22  2.5/0.5mm  Hot dipped galvanized 8-10m/roll  500mm  3 lines

Perimeter Fencing for Airport

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