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DongXin Field Fence Factory - Field fences and wire fences

Dongxin Fencing has been providing Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, America, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa customers with quality metal fencing products since 2001.

We supply high tensile field fencing solutions for agricultural, industrial and commercial applications, mainly for farms, livestock and wildlife fencing, various perimeter / border fencing and security fencing.

Fences can be mobile portable fence or permanent fencing.
Knotted mesh field fence can be made into electric fencing by using relative accessories to meet specific requirements.

We export field fencing products in a variety of styles and mesh openings. Our wire fencing meshes cover Knotted mesh, chain link, weld mesh, v mesh and other types. FENCING MATERIALS including woven wire netting, steel wire, binding wire, welded mesh, coils of barbed wire, posts and gates, and other accessories for fencing system are all available from our factory.

Woven wire field fences are available in fixed knots, hinged knots, square deal knots and graduated mesh wire fabrics.

Main Applicaton:
Grassland protection;
Ranch grazing;
Protection of the natural environment;
Animal husbandry (cattle, horses, deer, sheep & goats);
Border fencing;
Perimeter fencing;
Security fencing .

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