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Horse Mesh Fencing - wire panels woven / welded

Wire fence for horses is a permanent fencing system designed to provide a strong, durable, flexible horse fencing with minimize injuries and securing maximum horses safely.

We supply three types of horse fences to importers, wholesalers and distributors in USA, Australia and many countries.

Mesh styles include knot mesh ( woven), diamond mesh ( woven) and welded mesh.

Woven wire rolled fencing galvanized with rust protection is popularly designed for corralling large animals like horses and cattles.

Products Details

Non Climb Horse Fencing, Square Knot type, ZA coated

High tensile steel wire horse fence galfan coated uv stabilized
2"x4" No Climb Horse Fence, rectangular mesh closely spaced 2" x 4" opening to protect the horses

Finish: Galfan(95% Zinc, 5% Aluminum) coated and uv stablized black paint coating
2"x4" No Climb Horse Fence Height options: 48 inch, 60 inch
Spacing: 2"x4"
Roll length:100 feet, 200 feet
Top / bottom wire: 10 gauge, 12.5 gauge
Filler wire: 12.5 gauge

Horse Fencing, Fixed knot mesh
4cm X 7cm hole size mesh
Height 122cm (48")
Roll length: 60.96m (200')
Weight per roll:109kgs
Top and bottom wire gauge 10
Horizontal and vertical wire gauge 12.5

Animal Field Fence with Barbed Wire
Field fence for horses, made of high carbon wire
Horse electric wire fence
Wire 3mm top and bottom, 2 mm in the middle, in mesh rolls
Barbed wire, 2.5mm, barb spacing 10cm, in 250 m rolls

Horse Fences with Knots

Packed Horse Fences in Rolls, 2.5mm gauge
12 Line Wires HORSE FENCING, rectangular opening
Made of quality steel material with the knot mesh construction

Diam Top and Bottom wires 2,5 mm
Diameter of Line Wires 2,5 mm
Diameter of Stay wires 2,5 mm
Knot wire 2,5 mm
Nominal height 1070 mm
Line Wire spacing 102x9 mm
Stay wire spacing 75 mm

Diamond Mesh Fencing for Horses
Structure: V wire / diamond mesh
Finish: Hot dipped galvanized, class 3 coating
V mesh horse fencing hot dipped galvanized
2" × 4" diamond V-mesh, wire weave fence roll

Diamond Mesh Netting
Diamond mesh for springy horse fencing fabric
·Height 127cm
·Length per roll 50.29m (165') approx
·Weight per roll 113kg
·Horizontal wire gauge/12.5 (2 ply cable)
·Vertical wire gauge/14

Fence Project
Horse Fencing for Farm Project:

V wire mesh farm fences, for Australian farms fencing construction, v wire diamond mesh fence absorbs force and springs back to protect horses. Fence posts installed at a space of 50 feet. Fewer posts, less work, less cost and less maintenance needed for the fencing project.

Welded Wire Mesh Panels
Powder coated wire mesh panel, welded with heavy duty wire,
Mesh: 1" x 1" , 2"x 2" square opening
Panel size: 4' x 8'.
For horse stall fencing

Horse Fences have following features
Good view of animals;
Easily installed;
No sharp points;
No hard edges
Resisting against rust, rot, UV, weathering, or breakage in normal use.