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Fixed Knot Deer Fences

We supply fixed knot deer fences to fencing contractors in Africa, USA, Canada and many other countries, in 20ft container and 40ft fcl. Fixed knot netting is popularly used in deer and other game animal fencing system. Deer fencing has a design of small, tight opening at the bottom with larger openings at the top, resulting in less weight and reduced cost. Another benefit of the graduated deer fencing is that it keeps small and large animals from foraging crops or attacking livestock.

Products Details

High tensile Fixed Knot deer fence
High tensile: 12-1/2 gauge high tensile heavily Class 3 galvanized wire.
Fixed Knots: Vertical wires are severely fastened to horizontal wires by a third wire that wraps the joints.
Flexibility: Tension curves in the horizontal wires assists in expanding and contracting.

Fixed Knots:

Graduated Spacing:

Fixed knot wire mesh deer fencing

Field fencing 71" tall for Deer  Fence
Top Wire: 3.2mm diameter
24 horizontal wires from top to bottom
13 pc 10 cm apart
1 pc 8 cm apart
1 pc 7 cm apart
4 pc 4 cm apart
6 pcs 3 cm apart
Bottom wire: 3.2mm
Middle wires:1.8mm dia
Vertical spacing 15 cm
All wires galvanized finish

Deer Fence Fixed Knot Netting
Fixed knot netting
Length 100m
Height 2m
Mesh size: 150mmx150mm with 13 horizontal wires.
Wire diameter: 2.5mm
Material: Low carbon steel wire, heavily galvanized

Fixed Knot Deer Fence, Class 3 Galvanized Zinc Coating Quality
Deer fences manufactured with Class 3 galvanized coating offering longer service life span over Class 1 galvanizing.
Fence roll length: 330' , 660', 500' , 165'

Height Vertical Spacing Wire Gauge Coating
60" 6" 12.5g Class 3
61" 6" 12.5g Class 3
60" 12" 12.5g Class 3
75" 6" 12.5g Class 3
96" 3" 12.5g Class 3
96" 6" 12.5g Class 3
96" 6" 12.5g Class 3
96" 12" 12.5g Class 3
96" 12" 12.5g Class 3
120" 6" 12.5g Class 3

96" Fixed Knot Deer Fence, ZA ( Zinc + Aluminum) Coating, UV stabilized painted
96" height x 330' length 6" mesh, 12.5g wire gauge fixed knot deer fence, Aluminum coated, black painted

Choosing Deer Fences according to Heights: 71inch, 78 inch, 84 inch or 96 inch?
71 inch and 78 inch High-Tensile Deer Fences make cost-effective material to confine deer, elk and other game animals.
Deer fencing with a barbed wire top reaching a height of 84 inch meets most requirements for keeping deer in or keeping deer out, used in deer and small game fencing.
96 inch Deer Fence offers high tensile performance to the game rancher with height needs with both horizontal line and vertical stay wires made of 12½ gauge high carbon steel material.

Choosing Finishes of Corrosion Resistance
High Tensile wire galvanized to class 3 specification is used in producing deer fencing products for a longer lifetime than ordinary galvanized wire.
Class 1 galvanizing is also applied to deer fencing at special requirements, less zinc coating quantity, less cost, less service life.
ZA, Aluminum coated deer fencing black or green painted is also supplied at higher cost, excellent weather proof and aesthetic pleasing surface.

Electric Deer Control System
We can supply energizer, electric fencing insulators and other parts for building a electric fencing system for deer control.