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Y Type Fence Post - Galvanised and bitumen painted

We supply Y steel posts black bitumen coated and Y post galvanized finish for setting up field fencing systems.

Products Details

Galvanised Steel Y Posts

Y Type Steel Post Hot Dipped Zinc Coated
Material: Plain carbon steel
Post Width: 4mm ; length: 8mm
Flange width: 3mm ; length: 21.5mm
Usage: Fence fittings for various fences.
Packing:10pcs/Bundle,40bundles; 400pcs/big bundle

Black Bitumen Coated Y Posts

Y Post Black Bitumen Coated
Black bitumen Y Post with holes heavy gauge
Post length: 1850mm, 2150mm, 2450mm

- Hot-dip galv. steel fence post
- PVC-coated / bitumen painted steel fence post: green, black and other colors.