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Field Fences with Square Knots (S Knots Fence)

Square Knot Field Fence has s-shaped knots to form a tough & sturdy structure that stands up to impact from large animals without buckling or sagging. It is a type of anti climbing fence, suitable for goat, sheep and cattle keeping, commonly known as S knot fence.

S knot fence is made with a separate piece of wire to attach the line wire to the solid stay wire forming an impact resistant and very smooth knotted ring, ideal for the protection of livestock’s skin and strong enough to feeding animals.

Products Details

Illustration of S knot structure

Square S Knot Forming, Illustrated from Both Front View and Rear View

Hot dipped Galvanized S Knot Field Fence

Material: high tensile wire
inner wire: 2.0mm,2.5mm or others
Color: silver or others
Mesh size: 10cm,15cm,30cm
Knot style: square deal knot
Hole shape: Rectangular
Wire gauge: 1.8mm-2.5mm
Surface: galvanized bright
Edge wire diameter: 2.0mm-3.2mm
zinc coating: 30-300g/square meter

Square Knot Field Fence - Cow security fence export to Australia,New Zealand, USA.
S knot wire woven field fence
Square Knots Field Fencing for Cattles

Woven wire field fence with the Square Deal knot offers rigid performance which help keep its shape over hilly ground. Square Deal Field Fence comes in multiple heights, styles, and gauges designed to meet customers particular needs. We supply modular fence and fence meeting with specific requirements.

Common Specifications of Square Knots Fencing:

Item Number Approx.
Fabric Height
Lenght (ft.)
Filler Wire
Top Wire Gauge Bottom Wire Gauge
S-1 260 39 330 9 9 9
S-2 276 49 330 9 9 9
S-3 295 47 330 9 9 9
S-4 202 32 339 11 9 9
S-5 232 39 330 11 9 9
S-6 264 47 330 11 9 9
S-7 181 39 330 11 9 9
S-8 201 47 330 11 9 9
S-9 141 32 330 12 10 10
S-10 161 39 330 12 10 10
S-11 183 47 330 12 10 10