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Farm Fence / Ranch Fence: Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Mesh Fencing, Durable, Flexible

Farm and ranch fence is a kind of strong and reliable, flexible wire fences for corralling and keeping of cattle, goats, hogs and other large livestock, available in permanent fencing and portable fencing system.

Permanent farm fencing or Portable
Farm fence can be used as a permanent fencing, when constructed on the farm, field or ranch perimeters to control livestock, protect crops and enclose pastures.
The farm fencing can also be used as a portable or temporary fence for horses, sheep, cattle and other livestock.

Farm and Ranch Fence Features

The wire fence is manufactured using wire connected at each intersection creating a strong and durable mesh fabric, the mesh aperture consists of graduated mesh spacing providing fencing for growing livestocks of different sizes and excellent see through visibility.
The wire mesh for fencing is heavily galvanized to withstanding rust and weather conditions. The knot mesh is designed to allow the fence to spring back into place once pressure is applied, providing a durable, secure and reliable structure.
Farm fence is a cost-effective spacing fence material for basic perimeter applications with good visibility.

Products Details

We sell full range of fence heights and horizontal wire spacing, while the 9 strands and 7 strands field fences are very popularly used as farm & ranch fencing material. The actual selection of farm fence height and spacing will depend upon the type of livestock to be fencing.

Farm fence, 9 strand, 48-in. (1200-mm) high

Farm fence wire mesh 7/90/30, 7 strands, 90 high, mesh size 30, wire 2.5mm, roll length 2m for AustraliaGraduated spacing fence hot dipped galvanized for farmer and ranchers
Farm & Ranch Perimeter Fences, Hot Dipped Galvanized

Hot dipped gavanized chain link fence for farmers
Rolls with the below specifications:
Wire gauze :12
Length :30metres
Height :180cm
Opening : 2 x2inch

Galvanized wire farm fence
Rolls of fence with the following specifications :
Wire diameter.3mm

Hot dipped galvanized pipe fence for farms and agricultural fencing
Hot dipped galvanized steel pipes 1 1/4 inch *3mm x 2metres.

Fencing tops:

To strengthen the security of farm fences, barbed wire can be installed on the posts above the wire fences to stop the animals.